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Fools Gold - Swiss Water Decaf - 225g

Fools Gold - Swiss Water Decaf - 225g

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This isn't your usual decaf. This is Swiss Water® Process decaf.

Swiss Water® Process uses water, temperature, and time elements to create the most delicious decaf coffee.

Our 225g bags of Fools Gold gives you a dark roast, perfect for espresso-based brews but works just as well for pour-overs. As soon as we tried it, we knew instantly that this would brighten up even the bluest Monday mornings.

Brew this blend with one of our Hario V60 Drippers, and you'll be blown away by how clean and fruity tasting a decaf coffee can be. If you want to see how to make this coffee as a pour-over then take a look at our how to make coffee using pour over guide

Origin: Brazil, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Sumatra

Varietal: Bourbon, Catuai

Altitude: 1250m

Tasting Notes: Rich bodied with chocolate notes. Mild acidity and lemon zest fruity flavours.


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The Swiss Water Decaf Process

When you see the Swiss Water® name, it means your favorite roaster offers 100% chemical-free decaffeinated coffee.

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