Our take on the pourover technique

Electro Coffee Pourover Technique

We love a good pourover at Electro Coffee. It's allowed millions of people all over the world to have a good accessible way of having a nice brew, without shelling out £100's of pounds on equipment and machines etc.  What we've done is share with you our take on the way you could approach a brew using a V60 Dripper.

Before we start.... a few things to make note of. This is a guide. Your taste will be different to others so we've kept measurements as universal as possible. As we don't know the size of your cup and how much water it can hold comfortably, pleaseadjust accordingly when you follow this. If once you've followed this you think "Oh that's not strong enough or it's too strong" then alter the coffee amount you put in and the amount of water you use. 


What you will need:


  1. You need to have fresh water (it's ok to use the tap) boiled and ready to go.
  2. Pour a little bit of water all over the filter to give it a quick rinse we're only talking a few ml just enough to make the paper wet.
  3. Empty the water that drained through into your favourite mug and throw the water away.
  4. Fill your cup half way with boiled water and give it a swirl and empty. That'll preheat your cup nicely.
  5. Add between 3 -4 teaspoons or approximately 18-20g of coffee into the middle of the filter (Adjust to taste) then make a well with your finger in the coffee sat in the bottom of your filter paper.
  6. Pour roughly twice as much water as you have done in coffee and let it "BLOOM" then give it a good ol' swirl
  7. Wait 30 to 45 seconds for everything to calm down. Then pour at a slow steady rate 60% of your hot water then wait a few moments. 
  8. Then keep it topped up, slowly pouring the rest of the water over 30 seconds.
  9. Now it's mixing time... give the coffee in the filter a little stir in one direction, then a little stir in the opposite direction. (About 1 to 1.5 revolutions each way).
  10. Once it has drained a bit, then SWIRL the dripper around a few times
  11. Wait for the coffee to fully drain and you should end up with a flat bed of coffee and no big grinds of coffee on the side of the filter paper. Just add milk and sugar to taste if you need it. Job Done.... well done you :)

If you know anyone who would benefit from this little take on a pourover then please share it with them.