Our new Coffee Courier

We have changed couriers - Better experience for our customers

We've recently reviewed and listened to feedback form our customers. We previously had Royal Mail sending out our coffee and kit to customers but the price we had didn't allow us to have tracking once packaging etc was take into account. We've now changed courier and are pleased to announce that Evri will be our delivery partner going forward.

The change to Evri allows our customers to track their purchases online and see every step of the way. It also allows us to fulfill and despatch up to 8pm 6 days a week. Now Evri will only pick up 5 days a week from what we have been told but it shows you that our commitment to getting your purchases into your hands as quickly and efficiently as possible. There is a cost increase in sending the packages with Evri but we are not passing that cost onto you.

We hope you enjoy the new service and please feel free to feedback your experiences as you have been.


Thanks again for your time we hope to see you all soon and reach out to us on Facebook or email us at Hello@electrocoffee.co.uk.



Chief @ Electro Coffee

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