How to make an Affogato at home

How to make an Affogato at home

Affogato is a small drink / dessert. Combines both an espresso and ice cream. So you can experiment with different coffees and different ice creams to get your chosen flavour.
The easiest way to make an Affogato at home is this.

You will need the following to make an Affogato:

2 parts of Espresso
1 scoop of ice cream
1 short glass
You may want to add 1 part Kahlua into the mix when you want to shake things up a bit.

How to make an Affogato:

  1. Add the scoop of your chosen ice cream into a small glass.
  2. Pour your espresso over the top of the ice cream scoop
  3. You have a choice now serve it as it is with a small teaspoon or shave some chocolate over the top, or you can add kahlua as mentioned previously.

That's it all done. 1 Affogato coming up!

Present it to your friends and family and you'll be thanked handsomely.


Enjoy the sun.



Chief @ Electro Coffee


n.b. If you can't make an espresso at home try using a strong short coffee from a french press or aeropress or pourover. Not the same but it's closer to the real thing .

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